Exalted  Ruler

Exaulted Ruler 2018-2019

Gary Grayson

Leading Knight

Leading Knight 2017-2018

Rudy Toralez

Loyal Knight

Loyal Knight 2017-2018

James Nevans

Lecturing Knight

Lecturing Knight 2017-2018

Gary Roberts


Secretaryl Knight 2017-2018

Judi Tracy


Treasurer 2017-2018

Sherry Wiese


Tiler 2017-2018

Eugenio Icarro


Esquire 2017-2018

Catherine Barone


Chaplin 2017-2018

Rebecca Icarro

Inner Guard

Inner Guard 2017-2018

Janet Souder


Trustee 2017-2018

Marilyn Hooton

5 th Year Trustee

5th Year Trustee 2017-2018

Pamela McKinnon

4 th Year Trustee

5th Year Trustee 2017-2018

Joseph lgnoffo

3rd Year Trustee

3rd Year Trustee 2017-2018

Charles Holdredge

Trustee Chairman

2nd Year Trustee 2017-2018

Bob Van Gundy

1st Year Trustee

1st Year Trustee 2017-2018

Kelly Byram

Officer Of The Year

Officer Of The Year

Sherry Wiese

Elk Of The Year

3rd Year Trustee 2017-2018

Rick Barone